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Hamiltons Boutique

Accommodation in Southend-on-Sea

The rise of the Hamilton Boutique Hotel began in the years after the building finished construction in the 1790s. In 1803, Princess Caroline, the wife of the Prince Regent, stayed at the hotel. Following her visit, the terrace in which the hotel resides was renamed the “Royal Terrace” and soon became popular in high society, thanks to its superb location overlooking both the seafront, the pier, and the Thames estuary.


Historical building

Grade II listed building

As Southend grew, the hotel changed very little, retaining much of its Georgian character and charm. But over the decades it fell into disrepair - a tragedy, given the building’s grade 2 listed status. Now under new ownership and management, the hotel has been fully restored to its former grandeur, allowing guests to experience its character and history in full splendour once more.



the heritage of Southend seafront

Work on the hotel began soon after ownership was transferred in 2007. The property had been neglected by previous owners, but it was eminently clear that it still had extraordinary potential. Seeing what was possible, we embarked on a painstaking restoration, refurbishing and replacing the original panelling, shutters and lime plaster. Today, the hotel stands as a proud testament to the heritage of Southend seafront, giving guests an authentic experience of this famous seaside town year round.


fabulous experience

Boutique Hotel in Southend-on-Sea

In fact, one could argue that the experience for guests today is better than it has ever been. The combination of Georgian character with modern, integrated technology, ensures a fabulous experience, no matter what the purpose of your visit. With beautiful surroundings, warm bedrooms, and Egyptian bed linen, Hamilton’s Boutique Hotel is the final word in comfort.